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Black Edition collection with 15 products
Black Edition 15 products    
Blooming Garden collection with 10 products
Blooming Garden 10 products    
Butterflies collection with 12 products
Butterflies 12 products    
Cotton Flower collection with 13 products
Cotton Flower 13 products    
Festive Blue collection with 11 products
Festive Blue 11 products    
Gold & Blue collection with 14 products
Gold & Blue 14 products    
Large Diffusers collection with 8 products
Large Diffusers 8 products    
Noble Red collection with 13 products
Noble Red 13 products    
Rose Blush collection with 10 products
Rose Blush 10 products    
Special Editions collection with 3 products
Special Editions 3 products    
Feb. 19, 2021
Portus Cale 2021 Catalog

Inspired by the latest trends in colour, fragrance and fashion design, Castelbel’s Portus Cale collection is an eclectic range of the finest soap and home fragrance products,
handcrafted in Portugal.

PDF • 19 MB • Catalog / Brochure